Goodbye cruel studio

Everything is in the midst of being packed up, unplugged, powered-off and boxed away. The move date is less than a week away.

Last Look

I was never able to get the equipment layout I was quite looking for. I started doing this wrap-around workspace, with the recording computer in front of me and then equipment sort of all around. I had a roller chair where I could spin around and feel like a big shot. But the room was too small to have stuff on all sides, so I had to settle for a 270 degrees layout.

To successfully pull off this sort of layout without risking death by cables, I realized that I’d finally need to fully embrace a patch bay and run lots and lots of long cables on the outside of the equipment perimeter. I spent a lot of last summer and fall making cables, and I got about 75% of the way there. Then I got married and studio life stopped.

But now we’re moving and we actually got a two-bedroom apartment. I fiercely resisted the call to place a guest bed in the second bedroom. Guests, if any, will have the expansive living room and the time-tested couch. That second bedroom is 100% studio.

So anyway, I raise my hat one last time to the old studio. I must admit, it was always pretty crappy.

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