Christmas Sequencer!

Merry Christmas everyone! My search for a hardware sequencer took one step closer to completion: I just bought a Roland MC-8.

In preparation for the move to Chicago, I’m trying to bring down the overall foot-print of all the equipment. Since I never really took to the MIDI sequencer within Pro Tools, I’ve lugged around an ancient DOS computer to run my tried-and-true Cakewalk 5.0 MIDI sequencer. But sadly, having a computer just to run Cakewalk is a luxury that I shall soon no longer be able to afford.

So I started weighing whether to buy a Roland MC-500 or an MSQ-700. Both have their merits. The MC-500 is supposed to be quite advanced (even if it’s 25 years old). I actually had one once but never really liked it. The MSQ-700 is much simpler, so I thought I might take to it more easily. But simpler also means that it has less functionality.

The debate was cut short this morning when I stumbled across an MC-8. I don’t see many of these around, so I just decided to try that one out instead. The MC-8 was Roland’s very first sequencer. Thus it combines the complexity and cryptic nature of the MC-500 with the limited functionality of the MSQ-700. The worst of both worlds!

Sadly, my MC-8 comes without the super-obscure cable. So yet again, I find myself trying to source and construct a widely-rare interface cable. I’ll let you know how it goes.