An album is born

Things are moving around here again! I think I’ve mentioned before that I was spending quite a lot of time getting Plastiq Musiq, a beloved electronic record label, back off the ground. We just put out our first release, a little music compilation, but today I’m even more excited because the Cascading Slopes album has been released.

The album, A Quaker View of Synthesizers, has been several years in the making. Jacob has been writing this album while spending many a lonely month on the road, supporting his other band. Although I count Jacob as a dear friend, that has nothing to do with my feeling that these are truly some of the most beautiful songs I’ve heard in quite some time. I’m really excited about the album and proud of what Jacob has managed to pull off! I’m glad to be helping out, even if in just a small way.

Here’s a music video from the album: