Quiet Times


Sorry, things have gotten a bit boring on here. There’s a lot going on right now. I’m getting married in three weeks, I’ve been working on relaunching an old record label, Plastiq Musiq, and I’ve been working on restoring an Arp Odyssey. I’ll post some pictures and an update soon.

I bought the Odyssey a while ago,┬ábut other than taking it out of the box, I hadn’t so much as tried to turn it on. I bought it as-is for a pretty cheap price, so I feared the worst. This last week I finally fired it up and found that it produced…no sound. So I opened it up and started poking around. The power supply was churning out good voltages, and it turns out that one of the oscillators is working. The second oscillator is totally dead, and the filter or VCA seems to also be kaput. So I’m poking around at that oscillator this week, trying to figure out which transistor is bad.

Sorry to be a bad blogger. I’ll try to pick up the pace here.