Ye Ol’ Minimoog

I just got back home tonight. I was in Wisconsin for Thanksgiving and thus have very little to show for myself. So I’m going to reach back in the archives for this little nugget.

The summer after my high school graduation I took all my graduation money (plus a couple hundred more) and bought a Minimoog off eBay. I could barely afford one, but this one had been painted a hideous white and the seller had a low feedback rating:

I bought it for $1200. I refinished the wood during that first summer before college. With great fear and trembling, I started to dissemble the most expensive thing that I had ever bought. I sanded everything down and then re-stained the wood.

It was actually a great synthesizer. It’s a late-model Minimoog. This means that Robert Moog had finally figured out a stable oscillator circuit that drifted very little in its tuning. Some folks would rather have earlier-production Minimoogs, since these are supposed to be a bit bigger in sound. I’ve played with a couple Minis for 1974 and 1975, and I don’t really hear a big difference. Mine is from 1979 or 80, which is when the Mini was reaching the end of its line. Now that I’ve seen a couple others, I realize that this one is in great shape and works really well. I’m momentarily having some problems with the keyboard mechanism (I think I need to re-plate the buss bars) and the tuning (flipping the octave switch throws the tuning a bit off), but this is small potatoes. I’ll soon have it fixed back up.

Meanwhile, here’s an old song I did a few months after I got it all fixed up. I think this was all on the Minimoog:

[pro-player TYPE=”MP3″  image=””][/pro-player]


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