The Projects Begin

The Emulator III. Known by others for being a temperamental beast, I bought it off eBay this summer for a supposedly bargain price. Even then, it cost more than I had paid for all my other samplers combined. And yet it completed my wayward (and often misguided) summer of buying E-mu samplers. But that story must wait for another day.

The auction went for a lower price because of a supposed issue with the sampler. With no explanation, the seller described it as working fine, but only after a nice 15 minute warm-up period, followed but a punctual reboot. That seemed doable and a small price to pay for getting my hands on a sampler beloved for its true analog filter (CEM chips, albeit) and roster in Depeche Mode’s equipment list.

Things only got better when it arrived. Out of the box it worked without any trace of problems. No warm-up needed, no hard reboot. Baffled, I emailed the seller, who insisted that it really was broken. What a lovely eBay problem to have! I briefly considered that maybe I somehow just knew how to handle it better. Perhaps I had a natural way with flipping up the power switch?

My inflated sense of technical superiority was checked last week when it greeted me with a sad message in a different type of alphabet. I believe its message was chastising me for not believing his previous owner. I’m not sure. I couldn’t read it. I let it sit for 15 minutes. I gave it another 5 minute to encourage it. Power off, power back on. Still just the same sad alphabet.

I let it sit for about a week and tried it again today. Still just warbled text. So now I guess I need to roll up my sleeves and wish that my superior technical skills weren’t just an old daydream.

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