Katsunori Ujiie

I’m on the road for the next couple weeks. Actually, I’m just away from home (not really on the road) spending a little time out in beautiful, cold Minneapolis. There was frost on the ground this morning. I guess they got snow last week. Whew.

Anyway, being away from home will force me to be a little more creative with where I source blog material from. Or maybe a little less creative. This is going to be like having a substitute teacher…you kids are all going to sit down and be quiet and watch a lot of videos!

And speaking of which, I love this guy’s videos. He demos different synthesizers out (both old and new) and talks about what makes them special. Most of the older videos are subtitled in English. Even the ones that aren’t subtitled are fun to watch. He’s so enthusiastic and pleased with the sounds from each synthesizer! It’s a joy to watch someone take such delight in each tone: