Orphan Studio Pic



I had some old rolls of film laying around and I finally got them developed today. Flipping through the pictures, I noticed one or two photos of all the synthesizers. I must have taken this a couple years ago, judging from the synths and the layout. Probably interesting only to me and boring to the other 7.091 billion people in the world.

Years ago I was looking at old family photos (approximately my diaper era) and saw a rather mundane photo of the kitchen. It looked like an accidental photo, since there was no one in it, but I could see the sink and refrigerator in the background. I stared at that refrigerator for a long time, almost in a trance, realizing that I had some very dusty and vague memories of it. Little brain cells that had been asleep for 25 years were finally sparking again. A refrigerator is a boring thing, but as a baby I must have paid that thing a lot of attention.

I realized in that moment that sometimes the most interesting pictures (and I’m speaking personally here, not as a matter of photographic composition/aesthetics) seem in the moment to be the most mundane. I likewise cherish the one or two photos that I’ve found of my very first car. So every once in a while, I take a picture of all my studio equipment. Then I forgot about it and stumble across it several years later and I marvel at how things change.

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