It’s awfully quiet around here

When I was eight years old I became enraptured by the idea of writing and printing my own newspaper. I wasn’t sure how news was actually gathered and reported, and frankly I wasn’t very interested in that part. It was the idea of having a printing press of my very own, churning out newspapers like a little Charles Foster Kane, that was irresistible. As I was heading out the door to canvas the neighborhood for potential subscribers, my dad caught wind of the plans and had a little talk with me. He listened as I explained all my ideas, and then suggested that perhaps I should begin building up my subscriber base after I’d established a steady stream of issues. “Sound advice!” I thought, and headed back to the house to begin preparations. I don’t believe the newspaper ever made it past issue two. There were no subscribers.

One of my arguments against creating a blog (and I’m sure I’m not alone here) is that I’d start off strong and then lose interest. Well, I’m here to tell you that that is precisely what has happened. Folks, I have lost interest. I had hoped that the vigorous comment activity would feed me, drive me onward through bleak times. To date, I have received several hundred comments from a spambot in Belarus that would dearly like to feed me links to some outlet website for cheap Prada knockoffs.

No…I’m just joking (except for that spambot part). I haven’t lost interest. It’s just that I haven’t had much to talk about lately, since I’ve been away from home. I’ve been hanging out in NYC with my pal Peter. Last night we went to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. We considered going up to the observation deck until we discovered that is costs $25 per person. In protest, we used their restrooms and then exited the building.

I’ll be home pretty soon and then I’ll be back to my old regiment of slowly fixing up synthesizers and then taking pictures of them so that I can blog obscure odes of reverence to them. But I haven’t been totally lazy these past several weeks. In fact, I have been preparing a very special something…

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