Another lull

Sorry for the inactivity on here. This blog and I are a study in contrasting states. As I grow busier, the blog sits more idle. There’s a lot going on with work, and we’ve also been hit repeatedly with lots of snow. It was absolutely critical that I take advantage of the weather and go ice skating last week, among other things.

A 300 foot spool of nice-looking microphone cable arrived last week. That will be more than enough to finish wiring everything up to my patchbay. So expect to see a post triumphantly announcing the completion of the world’s most poorly-executed patchbay design. Speaking of patchbays, I had a very vivid dream last night that I was suddenly thrust back into one of my old jobs running the sound board for some sort of event. I think it was a church service. Anyway, there were about twenty microphones on stage and I didn’t know where any of them were patched, and I was having a hard time making folks audible without winding up with a ton of feedback. It was unsettling and rather stressful.

Things will probably be quiet for a couple more weeks still. I’m flying out this evening to New York to work on some music stuff with my friend Jacob. He’s got lots of exciting stuff happening right now as he polishes up his new album and starts playing some shows. One of those shows will be this Wednesday and I’m really excited to get to play with him. First, I need to practice. Not excited about that part.

So, sorry for the dull post. One of these days my life will go back to turtle speed and you’ll see lots of posts again.

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